Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, there were many customer facing businesses we visited and asked questions like... "How would you like more repeat/loyal customers?" and "What would you change about the way you communicate with your clients?"  In many cases we heard responses like... "During peak season, we couldn't deal with any additional customers" and "We are doing just fine with what we are currently doing on social media." 

Well, as we know, things have dramatically shifted, and many of these same businesses are now closed or severely restricted, and have minimal revenues coming in....

Questions to ask yourself: 

  • During this time, were you able to effectively communicate with your customers? 
  • If not, why?  Maybe you don’t have an email list. 
  • If so, what channels did you use? 
  • Were you able to track the effectiveness of your communication? (open rates, clicks etc.)
  • If you just used social media to communicate, could you have been more effective with additional channels?
  • Could you have been more effective if you had help?

While the answers to the questions above may give you some insight - they are reflection only and do not pave the way forward.  NOW is the time to start developing your strategy for when this ordeal is over and how to better weather the next down turn.   

  • How do you plan to get customers coming back, (it is never too late to start building a list and get the marketing machine working).
  • If you do have a list, how will you measure & improve your effectiveness using analytics, automation, etc. 

This situation has been an eye opening for many business owners, that they need to be proactive with marketing, even when times are good... but for many, the above is just jargon, they may not know where to start, and think they don't have the time or budget to devote to marketing efforts.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  See the link attached to learn why email marketing is the most personal, efficient and cost-effective way to engage with your customers.  And a social guest WiFi solution like Insider WiFi is the simplest and most in-expensive way to grow your customer list and engage with them regularly with automatic email campaigns.